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So I’m feeling pretty sweaty and unattractive, especially what with wearing my hair up while my shoulders are out, but I decided comfort in the heat is more important than beauty.

Enter nice, handsome, flirty man who randomly congratulates me about my new job here and tells me I look good :) thank you, tall, dark stranger!

"Cakes have gotten a bad rap. People equate virtue with turning down dessert. There is always one person at the table who holds up her hand when I serve the cake. No, really, I couldn’t she says, and then gives her flat stomach a conspiratorial little pat. Everyone who is pressing a fork into that first tender layer looks at the person who declined the plate, and they all think, That person is better than I am. That person has discipline. But that isn’t a person with discipline; that is a person who has completely lost touch with joy. A slice of cake never made anybody fat. You don’t eat the whole cake. You don’t eat a cake every day of your life. You take the cake when it is offered because the cake is delicious. You have a slice of cake and what it reminds you of is someplace that’s safe, uncomplicated, without stress. A cake is a party, a birthday, a wedding. A cake is what’s served on the happiest days of your life. This is a story of how my life was saved by cake, so, of course, if sides are to be taken, I will always take the side of cake."
-Jeanne Ray (via the-healing-nest)
"Men judge us
by our broad
hips and forget
their birthplace."